“ You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West


Sanityiz a place for community and networking, its a place where anyone and everyone can gather together to voice your story, here you can share what you’ve been through , share information that has helped you learn, and can possibly help others also learn. We all seem to struggle in life due to lack of information, together, we can provide one another guideposts that can help us all grow, and improve our quality of life. Together we can motivate, inspire, encourage, and even brighten someone’s day, and contribute to making it a little better. An intelligent person once said, ” If you knew what you didn’t know before, would you let it change you, ” so, what do we do with what we now know.? Do we go backwards with it, or do we move forward with new thinking.

“We can all be strong and we can all be mighty; it’s up to us and us alone to make that choice.” 

– Catherine

The site is in its preschool age , however, by sharing our stories it can grow, sharing our perspectives will reach others in need of these guideposts. Investing in yourself is as been around for centuries, however not many of us think this way. Sanityiz believes that we all have a unique voice, our authenticity and ways that we view life is so diverse, that someone not like you, needs to read a story from you.

All people age 18 and up from any background can submit an original post on sanityiz. The post has to be new and not posted anywhere else on the internet. Sanityiz does not adhere to any religious faith. The community section is for the vulnerable willing to share their stories with honesty, and genuinity.

“Find Your Natural Rhythm And Harmonize With It.”

-Yohance Salimu

Is you post helpful?

  • Is your post personal? Is it meant to help others find answers and solutions.
  • Children learn from pictured books, not everyone on this planet learns the same. Some learners are visual , others auditory, some learn through kinesthetics, and other through reading and writing. Our experiences in life though similar , are not the same when it is understood how we , and only we understand it. Relatable to others, yes, however, the person who experienced it , no one can replace that.
  • Is it thought provoking? Will the learner say, “hmm, I’m curious about this”.” hmm, how can this help me.”.The purpose is to help each other view our world/ environment on a deeper level.
  • The post should not give kindergarten instructions. In fact just being yourself will get your message across to others. Keep it honest, simple, genuine, and authentic. ” Be you”. 🙂

How your contribution will help sanityiz and you.

  • By posting on sanityiz, (A Woman’s Worth )you will gain exposure and promotion to those who have visited or are visiting the site.
  • Your post will include your bio and link back to your site. Making it an open field for all who choose to subscribe. Featuring a guidepost to Sanityiz can increase traffic flow to personal blogs, and sites. ( reminder sanityiz still in the early stages.)
  • We promise to work at being responsive, with regards to updating bios, as needed.

Quotes, who doesn’t like quotes.

  • Providing a quote at the top of the page always gets the ball rolling. You can find some in our page or you are more than welcomed to seek else where.
  • We are not in anyway responsible for any song lyrics used or material of related to any music, culture of any kind, past, present or future language. etc. Music is special to everyone who listens to it, however sanityiz not affiliated with any ownership rights to music lyrics, and music artist quotes, Therefore, I urge you to not use them in any of your post.
  • Sharing our perspectives, life stories about relationships, is more of what sanityiz. (however for affiliate reasons I the owner will post blogs about Massage Therapy , Beauty Care, Wellness, Health, Fitness, Books, and sometimes history, as well as material containing affiliate links, promotions, and services) Your post will be categorized into the Whirly World II , Voices & Our Planet, Lgbt+Community, (fictional names are encouraged), Creativity, and Parenting/Grandparenting. (Please lets keep it clean) 🙂 Post on a more personal level can be kept Anonymous, please request that upon e-mailing. All guest post will and can be evaluated for safety reasons.
  • Please take into consideration the guidelines, sanityiz not here to recruit folks to any deity (s), entity(s), king, master(s) or rulers of any kingdom above or below, and in between. Sanityiz not religiously affiliated with any organized, unorganized religion, and or Patriarchy. It is here for everyone’s well being. Keep in mind the wellness that bares good fruit when we encourage , love, embrace our diversity, and its many colors. We all win!
  • If you are a professional therapist, psychologist, Doctor of any sort, Lawyer, Law Enforcement, Media, Media Broadcaster, News Editor, (President Of The United States) guru’, motivational speaker, teacher, author etc. along the lines, your post should be more about “the human in you”, ” the human that you are”. We are all humans and share and have that incommon.That is Our Planets Specialty, Humanity. Thank you. 🙂 This page is not for the professional to legally counsel others. Be a friend, a good neighbor, YES! That is allowed. Reminder: This is not a page for professionals, its is about being human. If you should need a professionals help, there are links that can guide you to one.
  • Reminder: Guidepost should be original, personal, honest. We do have space for fun @sanityiz, given the opportunity, take advantage of applying humor, abusive belittling behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Paragraphs no longer than 3-4 sentences, Bio should not be any longer than 80 words.
  • Links in the post are not permitted, leave those for the Bio section. Attach a photo
  • Email your one submission guide post to awareness.sanityiz@gmail.com , include title in the subject, and email attached to you.

Last reminders

  • All original post e-mails will be viewed and if selected , will be featured on sanityiz in the category you’ve selected.
  • The post may need editing, by sending an original by email you are stating and agreeing that editing can be made to make it more grammatically readable, without causing harm to the original editing will be made.
  • Lastly, and Firstly, Thank you for taking a leap of faith, being vulnerable , and sharing your personal stories with others. Welcome to the community.


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