Here are some of my favorite content creators that I feel have inspired me and helped me along the way. Some are Atheist, some are Agnostics, Freethinkers, and Secular Buddhist, and other are coaches.

  • Noah Rasheta , Buddhist Teacher and the host of , The Secular Buddhism Podcast He focuses on mindfulness and Buddhist Philosophy.
  • The Thinking AtheistSeth Andrews was once a follower of Jesus Christ, now an activist. author and speaker about Atheism. Seth is a youtube creator, and podcastor. Since leaving the evangelical movement he’s become a necessary source for me to go.
  • Valerie Tarico is the author of Trusting Doubt. She is also a psychologist. Valerie writes about alternative ways of thinking pertaining to our personal lives, and our world, as well as articles for various sites and has a youtube channel.
  • JourneyFreeMarlene Winell is a the founder and director. She is a Psychologist, and the author of , Leaving the Fold : A Guide For Former Fundamentalist And Others Leaving Their Religion. Dr. Winell is responsible for the origination of the term, Religious Trauma Syndrome.
  • Dr. Christian Conte is the creator of the Emotional Management Podcast. His is a anger management specialist, licensed professional counselor, who helps with anger and works with prisons and athlete’s. He gears towards helping those who may need some inspiration , motivation and self -control with anger. He is also the author of Walking Through Anger : A New Design For Confronting Conflict in an Emotionally Charged World.
  • Mattias J. Barker is a psychotherapist, with clinical experience that specializes in complex trauma. He also has a podcast where he speaks with guest who also are trained professionals in the subject of psychology , and spend their time helping others understand themselves better. He does have a faith of his own , however, sanityiz about people, and not about discrimination. I believe in his method because faith and his practice is separate. His focus is humanism, He is genuine, sincere, and pretty straight forward. I am not a Christian, and do not follow the faith, if you can connect with Matthias, there’s a link in his name above.
  • Matt Phifer is a Therapist on tiktok and does coaching , he’s done a lot of work with Narcissism, and trauma.
  • Chill DeCastro is on Tik Tok and he speaks about civil rights, and lawz that he believe’s infringe human rights, his work is on justice, and awareness of the history of the United States, and human rights. I thought I’d include this because there’s a lot that we don’t know that we should know.
  • Dr. Mariel Buque is a Licensed Psychologist who specializes in emotional wounds, trauma and uses sound bath meditation modalities for healing.
  • Want to learn about Native Americans, Activist Lance- Tsosie a.k.a Modern_warrior is on tiktok.
  • Power of Publish , Calvin is an entrepreneur who’s focus is to teach others on how to make money online. He’s legit, straightforward, and I’ve even trusted him with my personal e-mail address.
  • Rethink a podcast, Think with Google focuses on marketers, how they do business. I’ve listened to a couple sessions, and its a podcast sure to open your mind.
  • Pat Flynn is a passive income strategist, podcaster, and youtuber with topics on affiliate marketing, SMART ways to build an online business. He has a youtube channel that draws the attention of its viewers with content that gears towards entrepreneurship. He has plenty of content to view so get some popcorn, and note pads ready!