Breath is wisdom.

Self -Care is a form of resistance. We cannot sustain in the fight if we betray the vessel we need to fight in. Keeping your self-care ritual is resistance. Don’t neglect yourself. The last thing any of us needs is a worn out mind and body, saying and doing things that aren’t helpful.

Zac Gandalra- Losing Our Religion
Video is from Mark Connelly’s Youtube Selections

Most human’s are breathing pretty naturally, however, with any type of annoyance, our breath will naturally become heavier, and more aroused. This doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong with us, it is however a reminder for us to observe , and learn what is causing that annoyance. Something as simple as the dogs barking can stimulate us into frustration. Noticing our pattern is called being mindful, being aware of it will help us deal with it head on.

By remembering what was learned from the past experience of the dogs barking, and how it made you feel , ( tensed, annoyed). just like tension can sometimes seem habit forming, so can relaxation. Just thinking about relaxing can have a positive effect, actually taking time out to sit and relax can have an even better result. I’m not talking about sitting on the couch and turning on the t.v. What I’m referring to is sitting with yourself quietly and listening to your breath, while observing the intelligence that you are.

This could be done with music, essential oils, flowers around you. It could be done in your car, before going into work in the morning, after work, anything that you know has brought you peace and relaxation could also work, like getting outside , being in the outdoors among the landscape is proven to help with regulating our systems.

Honestly, the location is your choice, as long as you’re seeing results from it. Please do not confuse the relaxation you get with reading a book, versus just sitting, or getting outdoors, though all are good methods, getting outdoors, or sitting, have a different effect.

Remember, breathing is an intelligence that we are born with, it is a wisdom we come wired with, when interrupted, fear and anxiety starts settling. Our breath is so important to how we think, and function in life, many of us aren’t aware of it and walk around fearful, and full that anxiety. The truth is that we aren’t shown or taught to be mindful of how we’re breathing, or that our posture, and necks have a lot to do with that discomfort. For example, observing how we sit or text will help ease some of that discomfort

There was once a time when people didn’t know that they could calm themselves down through breathing patterns, however that hasn’t been so in last few hundred’s of years, even is safe to say thousands. Those that have practiced mindfulness have seen the rewards,of being still for just a few minutes a day has on our mind ( brain, autonomic nervous system) . Meditation has been linked to breathing, and is absolutely associated with calming the autonomic nervous system.

Breathing is at the very source associated with the autonomic nervous system, not only can it affect our feelings, our moods, but also how we generally behave. Massage Therapy is a great way to help with normalizing breathing. Should you decide to see a Therapeutic Massage Professional for relaxation, or anxiety , it would benefit you to mention during the assessment that breathing has been a challenge. In order to assess you, and create a treatment that will work for you, the massage professional will look at your shoulders, and breathing pattern, they will work with you and can teach you breathing exercises that will help with normalizing your breath. A good way to help with your progress is by putting into practice three simple activities. All three are contributors to breathing , and can help the breathing mechanism return to a more normal state.

Yelling: yodeling, singing . Crying, happy tears mostly. :), And, laughing

This and any other concerns can be discussed in the confidentiality between you and the Neuromuscular Therapist. And, don’t forget to get outdoors, nature doesn’t expect anything from you, it just says breathe.

For your enjoyment, I’m including a video from my favorite Anatomist , Sam Webster.

Sam Webster’s Anxiety (Vlog)