Returning to the office, Why corporate Chair massage?

First , let’s give recognition to Fujiiryoki, also known as the first designer and engineer of the Fujiiryoki automatic massage chairs dating back to the 1950’s. These chairs are the symbolic origin of massage chairs today, they became highly popular in spreading massage awareness around the world, and contributed to the well being of many … More Returning to the office, Why corporate Chair massage?

Foot massage happiness

Pamper yourself OMG! “The greatest gift to yourself is a little bit of attention.” The salon business Get a load of this! Our beautiful feet carry us all day, everyday!Well, I’ll be darn, our feet are a very special part of our human anatomy. “What’s so special about our feet”? As mobile adapters, Harvard Health … More Foot massage happiness

The Beauty of a Body Scrub-

The soothing and smoothing scrubs that help produce healthier looking skin. Bodycare, skincare, we all could indulge a little, isn’t that right?! It’s quite alright to pamper yourself , it isn’t selfish. Who wouldn’t jump at the reality of wanting soft glowing skin! Mothers know all about soft, and glowing skin. When have we ever … More The Beauty of a Body Scrub-

In -home therapist

The rub down to revive you. “Give your Body a little Love, Touch the body, Heal the mind, Calm the spirit. “ Anonymous Massage Therapist are the holy grail of life. No , seriously with all that’s happening in today’s world , what better way to escape it then creating your own holy grail day! … More In -home therapist