Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The simplicity of giving yourself a neck lymphatic drainage massage.

Lymph nodes of head and neck Royalty Free Vector Image

The Lymphatic system deserves so much more respect , for from it flows life and cleansing. Its a circulation system responsible for a high amount of intelligence. This system is the cleaner of cells , and targets fluid movement throughout the body. Applying massage modalities to this system, and the areas of its focus, have been proven to stimulate fluid movement in any sluggish areas, this effect , which is affective throughout the whole body is called, systemic massage. A well trained massage therapist is educated, and has the passion for this special modality, therefore she /he knows what various styles of bodywork can be applied for Lymphatic Drainage, approaches like compression for instance, and bandaging is a therapeutic method that requires special training skills, since it is an approach that focuses on lymphedema drainage.

A neck massage can have many benefits in relieving uncomfortable symptoms associated with colds, congestion, and mental stress, a simple lymphatic self massage could do the trick in relieving those tentions.

Manual lymphatic drainage is an original method developed in the 1930’s, by Emil Vodder, Ph. D and his wife, Estrid Vodder, ND , others have a style of their own, like Eyal Lederman, an osteopathic physician, and Bruno Chikly also teaches his approach. Just like any other methods of massage, lymphatic massage specifically uses important methods that focuses on stimulating the lymphatic and blood circulation. ABMP is a good site you can go to gain more understanding on the Lymphatic System, and assessment of treatments of any fluid imbalance. The site is filled with information, from assessing methods that can be used , to lymphatic treatments and interventions.

For those who are generally healthy, general massages , such as swedish massage could be all that you may need, however for clients who have a more sluggish lymphatic system, applying lymphatic drainage as a therapy could contribute to better flow, and detoxification. I could advise that you do your research , speak to your physician for the correct referral to a specialized therapist who has had additional training. Most Massage Therapist who have completed a college degree, received a certification, and licensed, as practitioners can assess for edema, they too can also refer you to a physician who can give you the proper diagnosis.

For a visual I have provided a self-lymphatic massage video from massagebyheather demonstrating a simple way of giving yourself a neck lymph massage. Enjoy!

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