Massage and your mental health

What treatment can help with my anxiety?

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As a Massage Therapist, I have experienced the benefits that Swedish Massage has in regulating stress in people with mental health illnesses. Studies have been done through the years to prove that Massage Therapy not only lowers blood pressure in patients with high blood pressure, it also helps with lowering high cortisol levels. Just one session has proven to improve the clients physical , and psychological state.

Within the first 10-20 minutes , I have witnessed what safe touch does to the clients symptoms. Tension is released, shoulders relax, thoracic relaxes, and breathing becomes stable. Overall, those who have suffered from Mental Illness have benefited greatly. In America alone , research says, that over 40 million people are affected by anxiety, ( anxiety is defined as an uncomfortable feeling, normally associated with the overstimulation of the sympathetic arousal response) and though not many have sought therapy, or ways to cope, those that have, see improvements. It has been proven that Swedish Massage, integrated with other techniques at home, like meditation, yoga, dancing, swimming, gardening can contribute in lowering stress, anxiety levels. Anxiety can be managed, and Therapeutic Massage is one of the effective ways to do just that. Massage Practitioners are well trained in modalities that can help return the body back to its normal rhythmic function.

A person who may be uncomfortable with a full body massage can benefit from a chair massage. The client is fully clothed, and in a seated position, while the practitioner administers the massage. Normally a chair massage can take 10- 15 minutes, while a full body massage session lasts 1 hour. The full table massage stimulates the sensory nerve receptors, and do reach to the layers, and major joints of the body. The reason for this is so that the massage can affect the whole body. Swedish Massage is one of the services a spa, medical spa, In-home therapist can provide, it is a smooth classic treatment used to calm the soft tissues of the body, and bring on relaxation.