The Beauty of a Body Scrub-

The soothing and smoothing scrubs that help produce healthier looking skin.

Photo by Tara Winstead

Bodycare, skincare, we all could indulge a little, isn’t that right?! It’s quite alright to pamper yourself , it isn’t selfish. Who wouldn’t jump at the reality of wanting soft glowing skin! Mothers know all about soft, and glowing skin. When have we ever not used the term, “soft as a baby’s bottom”. Well, exfoliating does just that!

This luxurious indulgence dates back to the Egyptians, into Asia. In ancient times the pumice stone was very popular in the removal of dead skin cells, the regimen with perfumes, oils, along with plants, like the Aloe Vera, were used as a way to soothe and smooth skin. The abrasive method was so successful that people began to apply this ritual regularly.

“soft as a baby’s bottom”. Well, exfoliating does just that!


In today’s world it is known as Therapeutic Massage, which includes hydrotherapy treatments , either in home visit , or at any local spa. These modalities need to be requested prior to the session, however they are more common in the spa setting.

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Whether you receive a scrub, friction rub, or ablution, all will help with hydrating the skin, and revealing healthier looking skin.

Most spas will offer scrubs such as the following, all providing different results.

  • Salt glow
  • Aromatherapy scrubs
  • Oatmeal scrubs
  • Cold rubbing (ablution)
  • Whole body ablution

Glow Scrubs are normally made from sugars, and salts, sea salt as a preference, is the healthiest route. A cinnamon mixture scrub is aromatherapy for exfoliating the body, and soothing the senses .

The Massage Professional is very much willing to create that special spa environment for you. However, should you find yourself having a to busy schedule, your kitchen is usually a great place to start in creating a homemade body scrub full of natural ingredients that can be used, all which can be applied by hand , with special brushes, or mittens , each will work well in the removal of dead skin cells, leaving a lasting effect.

So, explore, have fun, and don’t be afraid to indulge your senses!