Returning to the office, Why corporate Chair massage?

First , let’s give recognition to Fujiiryoki, also known as the first designer and engineer of the Fujiiryoki automatic massage chairs dating back to the 1950’s.

First Wooden Massage Chair. Osaka , Japan. Photo rights: Photographer, and FujiiRyoki

These chairs are the symbolic origin of massage chairs today, they became highly popular in spreading massage awareness around the world, and contributed to the well being of many people. Through its tapping, and kneading ability, people were able to destress a day’s work, and reap the benefits that this machine was invented to do.

Through the ages , Fujiiryoki has improved this chair and today it is the first among the series of machines produced by the genuineness of this Japanese Massage Chair Manufacturer.

“Cold tea, and cold rice are bearable, but cold words, and cold looks are not.”

Japanese Proverb

“Sanityiz applauds you”. Thank you for this superb innovation, an invention that could have inspired Chair Massage Therapist Professional, David Palmer, with a brand of his own.

In the 1980’s Palmer, came up with a model that would help those who sat at a desk, all day. In order to provide this needed service, David Palmer designed his first modern chair, and began doing seated massage.

Photo by: Stephanie Allen

David Palmer is widely known as “the father of this famous chair,” and Founder of TouchPro International. In its 70 odd years that seated massage has been administered, employees have benefited greatly, and in return performed better.

“Make a move, touch the right person, and the whole business will flourish”.


Chair Massage in the workplace benefits all staff, and employees, within just a few minutes of having a chair massage practitioner work on you, you’ll be feeling refreshed, and de-stressed. Just 20 minutes of a massage , the receiver can benefit from—-

  • Stress Reduction
  • Contributes to better focus, and energy booster, mind clarity
  • Lowers level of anxiety and depression
  • Tense Muscles , and pain are relieved
  • Improves sleep
  • Helps with managing headaches
  • boosts immune system
  • Helps with preventing strain injuries

By implementing chair massage into your wellness programs, or even starting a new one , you will see an increase in employee performance, along with less company issues, one incentive you should see on your ROI is a decrease in compensation claims, and an improvement on company morale. Employees appreciate a company that cares for them, unhappy employees perform poorly, happy employees are more productive.

“To be prepared is half the victory.”

Miguel De Cervantes

Mr. Palmer’s first client was Apple, this Tech Giant is known today as one of the world’s progressive technological companies and creators of a popular line of products and services. From its most recent Iphone 13 with many amenities, like state of the art camera, water resistance ability, and many other areas to play with and enjoy, it’s no wonder why Apple Inc. , is at it again!

Photo by Mateusz Taciak on

Among the rest of the Hulking Tech Companies utilizing this most needed investment, known as seated massage , are, Walt Disney, Boeing, The Weather Channel, Delta Airlines, SunTrust Bank, IBM, and JetBlue are all in the game to reduce stress, and improve work performance.

What better way than to invest into your small, or large company and incorporating chair massage, not only are you as a company displaying that your care about your workers, you are showing them that you have their best interest in mind.

Chair Massage is excellent for company conventions, meetings, employee birthdays, Boss birthday’s, Ceo birthday’s, great for stressful transitioning periods, and for additional special events. Choosing the right Massage Chair Practitioner shouldn’t be to hard.

  1. Reviews are important
  2. Make sure the Massage Therapist is insured and licensed
  3. And book 2 – 4 Massage Therapist, of course this all depends on the size of your event. Feel free to discuss this with the practitioner prior to booking.

There you have it , for next meeting, convention, or birthdays make it something memorable for yourself and your workers, they won’t be able to stop talking about it!