Olive oil for Massage

Relaxing the Muscles, and Healthier Skin #Oliveoil #Beautycare

Olea Europaea, what the heck does that mean? This is the name of the evergreen tree native to Mediterranean Europe , Asia and Africa. It has been around for many centuries, it is one of the oldest cultivated living trees in our world. In fact this tree has been around longer than any written language.

Photo by Gary Barnes on Pexels.com

The Olives are so nutritional that the extracted oil is healthy enough for massages, not only are they high in the vitamin E , and fight off free radicals, they also provide essential antioxidants. Massage Therapist occasionally use it for massages. Most people know that this is considered a table oil because of its smell and texture, however using it as a massage oil has great benefits. The oil is considered a beauty secret dating back some 5000 years, it’s excellent for the skin and for hair. Its history goes back further than the Olea Europaea, which can be grown right in your home porch, able to produce delicious fruit that can be pressed and bottled.

Jennifer Lopez has a lot to say about olive oil, when asked what was her secret, she say’s she uses it in her skin products, and has been a family secret for as long as she can remember. I prefer the extra virgin oil, and in addition recently have made the choice to consume it daily with a 2-3 droplets of lemon juice in the morning, the concoction contributes to better bowel movements as well. That’s another blog post for later. So the next time you go in for a massage, or schedule one at home, and you’ve forgotten your favorite perfumed oil, it is okay and healthy to use your typical table olive oil, unless of course you have an allergy to olives, then it isn’t recommended. This can be discussed between you and your Massage Therapist they should come prepared with their own selections of oils that can make your massage experience one to be remembered, and enjoyed.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pex

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